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Vocelli Pizza

Attracting a bigger slice of the market

Digital Campaign

As is the case with many companies in the food delivery market, Vocelli Pizza’s target customers were increasingly doing more searching and ordering online. Competition in the digital space is tough, especially in the saturated commercial pizza market. The restaurant needed a differentiating digital marketing plan. Pipitone Group created a targeted online campaign that generated awareness and demand to drive online sales. Today, Vocelli Pizza is nearing 100 stores and continues to expand.

Banner Ads Generate Awareness

While Vocelli Pizza had established a recognizable brand name in their native markets through community involvement and traditional print advertising tactics, they had not extended their reach to customers online. To increase the brand's presence online and generate awareness of promotional activity, Pipitone designed optimized Web banner ads to generate awareness, influence decision making and drive sales. Banner ads were targeted by geographic location and business-specific keywords to elicit billions of impressions per day.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pipitone developed a PPC campaign to drive hungry customers actively searching online for pizza to a campaign-specific location page. This helped funnel traffic to the appropriate stores and enabled tracking. Using geo- and keyword-targeted search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) methods, Pipitone generated leads and conversions.

Tracking ROI of Digital Ads

Every market is different, so a successful digital marketing campaign needs close monitoring to ensure the campaign is on target and generating an ROI. Pipitone routinely measured campaign metrics—like click-through rate, impressions, engagement and conversion rate—to ensure the campaign was tracking for success. Given the campaign’s measurable success, Vocelli Pizza has continued to increase their online presence.

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