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The QuEST for Engagement

Account Based Marketing for Growth

QuEST Global is an industry-leading engineering services company with respected innovation in aerospace, transportation and more. When the company decided to double down on their business development efforts, they collaborated with Pipitone Group (Pipitone) to develop a strategic account-based marketing campaign that targeted engineers and produced some serious results.

With the goal of winning new business within QuEST’s existing account base, Pipitone put together a strategic plan that involved multiple types of outreach and promotion, including case studies, direct mail and posters, follow-up calls, webinars, emails, geo-targeted advertising and more. These elements all played a crucial role in solidifying QuEST as the ideal business partner and highlighted the “rock star” status of QuEST’s professionals.

The first key account targeted was a Connecticut-based conglomerate specializing in aircraft engines and aerospace technologies. QuEST already had a number of engineering engagements at many of the target company locations and they identified several other sites where their expertise could be applied.

Nurturing Expertise

To begin the relationship, Pipitone developed a series of emails and case studies showcasing QuEST’s successes with the target company, which were sent to engineers across the country who had been targeted as potential new clients. Additional emails detailing QuEST’s professional services were sent to the same engineers to encourage a potential engagement with QuEST .

Centered on a Rock Star

Integrated with the nurturing email campaign, Pipitone launched a direct mail campaign to the same engineers to help put a face on QuEST’s industry expertise. The poster and novelty item sent out featured a “rock star” QuEST employee who was an expert at servicing the target company’s engineering needs. The mailing was supported by geo-targeted advertising highlighting QuEST expertise .

Making the Call

Finally, Pipitone orchestrated follow-up calls to direct mail recipients to gauge their interest in discussing a partnership with QuEST, as well as to detail upcoming webinars. These conversations served to cement a future working relationship and convert prospects to partners.


QuEST’s account based marketing campaign yielded positive results, opening a conversation with prospects and aiding sales reps. One targeted prospect who had been engaged previously with a competitor expressed interest in a relationship with QuEST. At the conclusion of the discussion, the prospect negotiated a contract with QuEST, which resulted in an ongoing outsourcing project to support a process critical to their business.

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