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The Most Important Audience: Your Own Team

Live and Breathe Your Brand

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, with the help of Pipitone, worked to bring their person-centered culture to life through the actions and attitudes of their team members.

Defining a Culture

Inherently, team members at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network knew the saying “person-centered culture”, but we wanted to understand what it meant to them and how they felt that it inspired what they do every day. We conducted a team member survey and found the attributes of “welcoming” and “compassion” to be the most relevant to person-centered culture and care. We then took these learnings to drive the internal communications programs.

Instilling Culture from Day One to Day 1,001

We developed a network-wide training program to instill person-centered values into each and every team member, regardless of how long they had worked there. We created “New Hire” booklets to be given out on first days of work for new team members. They reinforce the Network’s mission, values of benevolence, collaboration and innovation and what person-centered culture means to the Network and team members.

Not Just a Culture, but a Lifestyle

We created the Passport program. The Passport is a statement of each team member’s yearly goals that help support the organization’s mission. Worn with their name badge, the Passport serves as a daily reminder of each team member’s personal commitment and pledge to and making a difference for residents and their families.

In addition, we created over 100 posters and hung them in high-traffic areas at each of the Network’s communities, where they can see and live the values daily.

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