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"Experience" Campaign

 A benchmark study conducted by Campos Market Research for Presbyterian SeniorCare revealed that much of its target audience didn’t even know who they were, despite being around for more than 80 years. The positive? Nobody knew who their competition was either.

In a space where advertising creative seems interchangeable between its market players—smiling seniors in rocking chairs, wearing afghans with cups of tea on coffee tables were the norm—Pipitone Group saw a significant opportunity to catch people’s attention.

Pipitone developed and executed a fully integrated marketing campaign that could be summed up in a single word: Experience.

Three Tiers of Experience

The foundation of the campaign was the idea of "Experience:"

  • The organization
  • The residents - who helped build the world we live in today
  • The Brand - to differentiate the campaign, Pipitone designed a Warhol-esque motif that would frame residents as central works of art.

Greater Than the Sum

To create a campaign that was truly greater than the sum of its parts, Pipitone launched an integrated campaign consisting of billboards, newspaper ads, radio spots and digital ads—all pointing toward a branded microsite and blog that showcased Presbyterian SeniorCare’s thought leadership in senior health care.

Engaging Internally

For Older Americans’ Month, Pipitone designed a bi-fold print check stuffer entitled “Quite the Experience” to let staff know that their work is what makes the “Experience” claim possible in the first place.

Beyond the Numbers

We infused the Presbyterian SeniorCare Annual Report with Warhol-esque touches and dynamic storytelling to tie it in with the Experience campaign, creating a sense of optimism and excitement for the new year.

Golden Triangle Awards 2016


Following the launch of the Experience campaign, a follow-up survey revealed a measurable increase in regional brand recognition for Presbyterian SeniorCare. Inquiries and requests for tours also increased. The organization’s social media channels also began to see more direct engagement, with some commenters even co-opting the voice of the Experience campaign. The campaign has earned a Merit Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and the Annual Report has been honored by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

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