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Know Your Customers and Give Them What They Want

PPG IdeaScapes™ is one of the commercial building industry’s most comprehensive websites for research, product selection and specification information. Designed for architects, IdeaScapes is the primary resource for information about PPG Architectural Glass.

Commercial glass is a product specified by architects, yet general contractors sometimes substitute other lower-priced brands when materials are being purchased for a project. The key to getting architects to specify PPG glass for projects—and making sure general contractors purchase the specified glass for installation—is creating so much awareness of and confidence in the product and its quality that they wouldn’t dream of using a different brand.

PPG glass is consistently among the most recognizable brands in the industry, and the company wanted to reinforce and strengthen that position for their architect audience. PPG glass also wanted to nurture relationships with glaziers, who are an important part of the glass-selling cycle. To achieve these goals, PPG glass turned to Pipitone Group to develop a strategic customer relationship marketing (CRM) program to help keep PPG glass top of mind with each of its key audiences.

CRM Strategy

Pipitone developed a biweekly email campaign that delivered concise messages containing information relevant to PPG glass' audiences and the jobs that they do. Some messages were educational, others were technical or product-specific; some featured trends and online tools and others promoted new staff or services. One thing they all had in common: they were very well received. With open rates of more than 20%, which is well above the industry average, PPG glass had clearly found the key to keeping its audiences engaged.

A Growing Database

With each email message, recipients were encouraged to click through to PPG IdeaScapes or PPG’s Glass Education Center for more information. Once visitors arrived, other calls to action encouraged them to register to download materials or order free samples. Each time a visitor completed a form, PPG glass added a new name to its database. To further grow its database and number of email recipients, PPG glass used integrated marketing tactics, such as digital advertising and social media posts, to drive visitors to the same landing pages and forms. With each form completion, PPG glass learned a little more about its visitors and was able to sort them by persona. This enabled PPG glass to develop even better, more targeted messages for future email campaigns.

Success Story

Over the course of 2015, 32 CRM emails were launched—20 targeted to a list of roughly 3,300 architects and 12 targeted to roughly 100 glaziers. Delivery rates were 98% and 99%, respectively, indicating that the database was very accurate. The relevance of content also was measured—the average open rate of the emails for architects was 29%, with a 5% average click-through rate, and an average open rate was glaziers of 24%, with a 6% average click-through rate.

In 2016, PPG glass added HubSpot to its website and began using it to generate its CRM campaign, which has made the email effort 50% more efficient by decreasing the time spent manually customizing and sending emails. The total glass database, which includes architects, glaziers, as well as about 2,500 “others” who identify themselves as contractors, interior designers, engineers, etc, is roughly 10,000. Of those, 93% typically open at least one email every 30 days.

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