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Let’s Talk About Energy

Peoples Natural Gas is so much more than a natural gas company—they’re an energy solutions provider. Natural gas is often thought of as a commodity, but Peoples doesn’t just supply natural gas—it also supplies expertise and consulting in order to implement innovative, sustainable solutions as a trusted partner. But not everyone knew that. That’s why Peoples enlisted Pipitone Group to help take their business to the next level.

To start, Peoples selected three focus areas of their business that had the greatest opportunity for growth: Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Construction Heat. Our campaign objective was to lay a foundation for the Peoples sales team—so that we could begin to create awareness and drive interest in the key featured solutions.

Foster Awareness Internally

First, we wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page internally when it came to our new campaign idea: “Let’s Talk.” This campaign showcased our client’s expertise and their innovative solutions. It also put their people in the spotlight and encouraged target audiences to make contact with Peoples experts that could connect them with the right partners to implement new and better energy solutions.

Showcased internal experts in creative

Hung posters throughout office spaces to provide campaign visibility

Grow Awareness Externally

We started from the bottom up, beginning with a research study to gain more knowledge on the overall awareness of utilities and energy solutions, then moving to creating a campaign that would build awareness for specific solutions, and lastly, creating an effective marketing communications outreach strategy that would continue to build awareness over time. These efforts helped shift the public’s overall perception of Peoples. Our “Let’s Talk” campaign encouraged the public to talk candidly with Peoples about a variety of energy topics. The approachable “Let’s Talk” theme line hit home with target audiences—and we used it throughout our strategic marketing efforts, which were a mix of traditional and digital media.


Videos for placement on the website and in digital marketing efforts

Microsite and landing pages

eNewsletters & paid social media ads

Natural Gas Vehicles direct mail

Construction Heat direct mail

Programmatic digital ads

Heating Up Some Real Results

This campaign generated immense awareness—yielding more than 8.2 million impressions and 22,048 clicks! We can’t wait to create more inteGREAT work for this compelling cause.

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