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A great product. Harnessed.

Arc Flash Harnesses

MSA’s two new arc flash harnesses represent the epitome of safety and value to the utility market. But having a great product doesn’t raise awareness. What does? Delivering the right message to the right audiences through the right channels.

For the launch of MSA’s Evotech® and Workman® arc flash harnesses, the right people were its sales and channel distributors who sell products to safety managers at utility companies and job sites. Collaborating with MSA, Pipitone Group gave the new products a “cool factor,” which began with understanding what distributors actually need—and want—in order to sell the product.

The MSA Message

Pipitone started by developing an overarching messaging strategy for the campaign. To position MSA as a trusted source on safety, copy was focused on the tremendous losses—both human and financial—that arc flash accidents cause. This hard-hitting campaign had to evoke strong emotions, too, so Pipitone ultimately arrived at the headline, “Power. Harnessed.”

The Nitty Gritty

To educate MSA’s channel partners, Pipitone developed and distributed a full-color tabloid-size brochure and large poster to introduce the fundamental selling points for Evotech® and Workman®.

The Power Play

Pipitone designed print and digital banner ads that fitted the product with a powerful, tough identity and ran them in trade publications geared toward utility safety managers.

Supporting Sales

To facilitate further touch points, Pipitone created a launch kit to be used on sales calls—complete with custom-designed branded hangers and a duffle bag.

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