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Guttman Energy

Re-energizing an Energy Brand

Brand Hierarchy and Gutt-Check Campaign

Guttman Energy is a regional fuel distribution company under the brand umbrella of 85-year-old Guttman Group, serving the commercial, wholesale and retail markets. In addition to fuels products, they also offer market intelligence—sophisticated supply and risk management expertise that helps their customers navigate the volatile fuel market for greater price control. Simply, they help their customers buy fuel better.

Initially, Pipitone Group evaluated the brand in the context of the entire Guttman Group, the holding company of Guttman Energy, which had two primary businesses, Fuels and Natural Gas & Power. By providing brand hierarchy recommendations, a brand line and a fresh creative concept and messaging, the entire company was unified and re-energized, both internally and externally.

What’s In a Name?

Without a defined brand hierarchy, the various divisions were indistinctive. Pipitone recommended minimizing the usage of “Guttman Group” and going to market as “Guttman Energy”. The recommendation also included branding the Fuels division as “Guttman Energy Fuels” to integrate the entire brand while presenting themselves as a unique entity.

Typographic Standards

Your name and logo do tell your brand’s personality. With the brands aligned, Pipitone solidified how the structure is communicated using typography to formalize the relationship between Guttman Energy, Fuels, and Natural Gas & Power. To reinforce a corporate hierarchy, Pipitone modernized their visual identity with an overarching, unified graphic identity.


Targeted messaging made Guttman Energy Fuels’ message crystal clear. Pipitone conducted extensive interviews with Guttman employees to create a profile of each market segment, pinpointing their desires and challenges. The messaging around “Gutt-Check,” including “Go with your Gutt. Go with Guttman” embodied their market dominance and set a tone for the whole campaign.


A new website reflected the reinvigorated brand massaging and hierarchy. Pipitone created targeted landing pages for each of the defined market segments along with a variety of tools and resources, including videos, case studies and a blog to establish thought leadership among customers and prospects.


Drawing upon data from the in-person interviews, Pipitone developed a series of print ads for each of the key markets. The “Gutt-Check” campaign, with its rugged gritty design appeal, was written to target each of the personas identified in the in-person interviews.

Digital Marketing

Pipitone developed a lead-generating digital marketing campaign using HubSpot. The campaign employed a variety of direct mail, banner ads, e-blasts and e-newsletters. A Google AdWords campaign used strategically researched keywords to target new leads, honing in on specific industries and regions to generate a greater campaign ROI.


The Fuel Matters blog provides daily fuel market insights developed as a go-to resource and a source for lead-nurturing content. Notably it is written and posted daily by Guttman Energy experts, transforming the company into a content-focused culture.


In only four months, Guttman Energy’s revamped website attracted almost 2,000 unique visitors, a 29% increase over the previous month, and 19 conversions. Pipitone recommended that Guttman update the Fuel Matters blog consistently, so each day, blog subscribers receive the latest blog post via email.

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