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Reinvigorating A 15-Year Old Brand

Bringing a Renewed Relevance to an Existing Brand

By 2030, the United States will have more residents over the age of 65 than children. And nearly 90% of people over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their home as long as possible as they age was the basis for the creation Longwood at Home long-term care program, which enabled people to live independently in their homes as long as possible.

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network knew they had a great product in Longwood at Home, and the program members agreed. However, although the growth the brand experienced was steady it was also very slow.

So, how do you double or triple your membership numbers while maintaining a similar budget?

Research, Review, Reposition

After conducting quantitative research one thing became clear, we needed to reposition Longwood at Home with a new brand name, new core messaging and a new look to appeal to a broader prospect base. This is where the new brand Envisage was born.

Using Insights to Change the Conversation

The revelation that no one wants to be a burden to their family and friends allowed us to change the conversations that were being had with prospects. Our “Couches” television commercial and related advertising campaign broke the senior care advertising mold by being humorous and featuring scenarios our audience would understand. We broke through the clutter by asking our prospects, do they have a “real plan” when it comes to their long-term care?

Nurture Leads to Become Members

Because long-term care planning takes a lot of thought, the time from initial interest to becoming a member can take months. Using HubSpot, Pipitone set up a lead nurturing and scoring system to keep leads engaged throughout the purchase cycle.

Feature Members to Tell Their Story

Our member testimonial series features real members and why they choose to be Envisage members.


Website traffic continue to increase, engagement in seminars both on-line and in-person are consistent, and new member enrollment averages around 50 a year.

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