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Construction Specialties

Specifying brand awareness

Advertising & Sales Collateral

Construction Specialties products allow architects to design freely and boldly. So when this established manufacturer of exterior and interior building products turned to Pipitone Group to support its marketing efforts, we thought design freedom and an ambitious approach were imperative. Pipitone worked with Construction Specialties to develop a series of print advertising and sales materials that accurately—and attractively—reflect its unique, bold products to support impactful, memorable brand management.

Light Reading, Heavy Impact

The fact that your products help keep the inner workings of building interiors dry doesn’t mean your product catalogs have to be. Pipitone approached Construction Specialties’ Architectural Grilles and Louvers catalogs with a fresh mindset that emphasized the bold lines and intricate patterns of their products, supported by creative copy that bordered on casual.

Form & Function in Advertising

Whether it was promoting their new Project Locator App, a new hurricane-tested louver product line or completed projects, Construction Specialties continued to turn to Pipitone for print creative that itself showcased form and function through clean design and practical information.

Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Awards 2016

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