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Cambridge Architectural

No meshing around

Brand Refresh

In 1958, Cambridge Architectural produced a revolutionary woven metal mesh to clad elevator interiors in the world-renowned Seagram Building in New York City. The product would soon become a well-known, respected tool for new and adventurous design for architects.

But over the coming decades, Cambridge began to lose its brand voice—and its market share. Cambridge worked with Pipitone Group to reenergize their brand by developing a top-down messaging strategy, which would be leveraged into a powerful advertising campaign and media plan that would put Cambridge back on the architectural map.

A Carefully Woven Message

Since Cambridge’s products had escaped top of mind for architects, crafting an accurate, powerful and strategic message was essential. We worked with Cambridge to develop a structured, consistent messaging strategy that emphasized the creative design potential of woven metal mesh.

You’ve Got Mesh

Print and digital banner ads positioned Cambridge Architectural’s woven mesh—once again—as an indispensable part of the architect’s palette.

“Inspirations Woven”

We developed a presentation that Cambridge sales reps would use to explain and most importantly, show, the design potential of metal woven mesh. The presentation ultimately helped Cambridge secure a national account.

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