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A database, refreshed

Database & Lead Generation Strategy Development

Prior to its relationship with Pipitone Group, Bobrick Washroom Equipment—a global leader in commercial washroom accessories and partition systems—maintained its contacts in various fragmented email lists generated from trade shows, third-party list rentals and various spreadsheets. Further, Bobrick’s website didn’t utilize contact forms for customer inquiries—meaning important information about potential leads weren’t being captured for future marketing efforts.

As Pipitone prepared to launch an integrated, architect-centric marketing automation strategy for the 110-year-old manufacturer—including full HubSpot integration—Pipitone recognized an opportunity to not only consolidate these fragmented contact lists but also build the foundation of a long-term lead generation and qualification strategy.

2,500 Contacts In, Four Personas Out

In analyzing Bobrick’s lists, Pipitone saw an opportunity to begin formulating a persona-based marketing strategy. Out of 2,500 total contacts, Pipitone was able to file them into four buckets, each with distinct purchasing behaviors, pain points and needs: architects, specifiers, facility managers and distributors. These four categories formed the basis of email nurturing campaigns and key organizational changes to Bobrick.com.

Back in Good Form

In the world of marketing automation, contacts are assets. By approaching the data with strategic thought, Bobrick and Pipitone built a strong foundation that is growing into a full digital marketing engine.

However, the absence of contact forms on Bobrick.com meant that there was no way to capture the information of those who had already expressed interest in Bobrick products. Pipitone saw this as a clear opportunity to build strategic contact forms that generate information that both Bobrick’s marketing and sales teams need to effectively nurture these contacts and close sales.

Shortly after implementation, Bobrick began identifying 250-300 unique inquiries per month, providing their marketing and sales teams with valuable intelligence not only about those inquiring but also about their own products and services and how they might restructure their website to connect visitors with the information they’re seeking more quickly and easily.

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