The Element
of Flight

Trade Show Design Takes Flight

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) is a global manufacturer of advanced specialty materials and complex components. Its largest market is aerospace & defense. When it came time for the 2017 Paris Air Show — the world’s premier and largest event dedicated to the aviation and space industry, where the latest innovations in aviation are put on display — ATI needed to develop an in-show experience that would elevate its brand and drive traffic to its stand and chalet.

For that, ATI turned to Pipitone Group (Pipitone) in an effort to position itself as a thought leader in innovative aerospace technologies. More importantly, ATI wanted its exhibitor stand and business chalet presence at the air show to represent its identity as an essential ingredient brand in the aerospace industry, one whose wide variety of products are interspersed throughout air craft of all types.

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ATI in its Trade Show Element

To showcase its stand materials at the high profile event, Pipitone leveraged ATI’s tagline, “Relentless Innovation®” with the concept “The Element of Flight.”

A quick look through the periodic table of elements reveals that “Ri” (or relentless innovation) is not a current symbol, and Pipitone highlighted the symbol “Ri” as not just an element of flight, but as the focal point in the element of flight. Since ATI’s specialty materials are engrained in the products that make aviation of all kinds a reality, Pipitone visually utilized ATI’s products such as powder metals, machined components, isothermal forging and others to capture ATI’s pursuit of “relentless innovation” as the essential element of flight.

A Wall’s-Eye View

In addition to its stand, ATI’s brand extended to its business chalet, an area located along the demonstration flight runway where ATI provided its guests with a front row seat to the air show.

To create a lasting memory for guests as they gathered in the chalet, Pipitone furthered ATI’s “element of flight” concept by portraying birds — the species at the very core of aviation — and the trajectory of their flight to symbolize how elemental flight truly is.

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