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An EXponentially Better Brand

Build My Brand

Identity, Branding and Product Launch

ASPEX integrated microscopy systems give users the power to perceive all of the impurities or defects in a process sample at once. ASPEX tapped Pipitone Group to launch its new and improved EXpress microscopy system. A major upgrade to the EXpress was the addition of a proprietary technology that made it the fastest automated system on the market. That exponential increase in speed formed the basis for both the campaign’s tagline, “By the Power of X,” and the renaming strategy of the product from EXpress to EXpressX.


Coming into Focus

To impart this key differentiator to ASPEX customers across market segments, including metals, aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and forensics, Pipitone  developed “The Power to Perceive” campaign. From the corporate brand right down to new product launches, like the new EXpressX, current and potential customers alike would soon beat a path to ASPEX for the software and tools that would give them all the power to see, the power to know, the power to decide—the power to perceive.

Shining a Light on the New Brand

To launch the new brand and tagline, Pipitone designed and developed a new website, developed new trade show collateral and conducted a media relations campaign. The efforts positioned ASPEX as a thought leader in their industry and energized the company’s workforce.

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