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Asbury Heights

Building Long-Term Trust

Creating A Solid Relationship

For more than 20 years, Pipitone has been providing comprehensive marketing communication services to Asbury Heights (Asbury), a continuing care retirement community located just outside of Pittsburgh. Asbury has entrusted Pipitone with supporting the launch of new service lines, sustaining interest in Asbury among members of the target audiences and guiding the organization’s communication through its acquisition by UPMC Senior Communities.

Targeting the Right Audience

In the beginning, Pipitone took the time to learn about Asbury, its previous marketing communication initiatives and its target audiences in order to shape the strategy we provided. The primary research that Asbury conducted enabled us to better define the organization’s target audiences, identify motivating criteria among the target audiences and determine the most effective communication channels.

Using Data as Our Guide

The data gained through research drove strategy changes by Pipitone, including focusing the message, reducing advertising and increasing direct mail. Although industry data ranked direct mail as ineffective, our own research proved it the most effective tool in Asbury’s tool kit. With this new intelligence, we created new direct mail campaigns and a new brand identity that was implemented across all service lines.


The new strategy and refocused tactics combined to create a growing inquiry pool, with several of Asbury’s service lines consistently achieving census and requiring a waiting list.

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