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Accu-Tab® Chlorination System

It’s easy to take water for granted. But the water we drink, cook with, bathe and swim in and that processes our food needs to be treated chemically to keep us all safe from waterborne illnesses. Water treatment is a complicated business with a plethora of products and systems from which to choose. Consequently, marketers are constantly challenged to find better ways to communicate the advantages of their products and garner attention among a highly fragmented audience.

The Accu-Tab® Chlorination System created by Axiall Corporation is a cost-effective, safe and simple way to treat all types of water sources. The Accu-Tab system is sold to the end users with the support of a worldwide network of authorized Aquatics and Industrial Accu-Tab system specialists. This channel marketing model enables the Accu-Tab marketing team to develop innovative programs to help their specialists retain and attract customers who service diverse end-use applications, including community swimming pools, major water parks, municipal water treatment plants, meat and poultry processing operations and irrigation.

For more than 20 years, Axiall’s Water Treatment Products business unit has been a top tier Pipitone Group client. Throughout our working relationship, Water Treatment Products has partnered with us to take advantage of many of our integrated marketing disciplines with great success.

Put Many Labels on It

As a highly regulated product, Accu-Tab system’s tablets must adhere to stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) labeling requirements. Following these guidelines while still expressing the features and benefits of the tablets through graphics and limited descriptions is very challenging. Pipitone managed and designed product labels featuring up-to-date and approved language.

Cash: The Apex of Incentives

Pipitone worked with Axiall to develop Summit Club, a sales incentive program for the Accu-Tab system’s team of independent Aquatics specialists. Fifteen years later, this highly successful program not only drives increased sales, but it has been expanded to include its Industrial specialist network.

Call-to-Action: Simplify

Pipitone worked with Axiall conducting on-site visits to understand the psychographics of the typical “pool guy,” and came up with the tagline, “Simplify.” The result was an entertaining print campaign showing empathy toward the average pool maintenance manager, while educating him on the benefits of using the Accu-Tab system to simplify his life.

Buckets of Content

Pipitone rebuilt the Accu-Tab system website to help better communicate with its target audiences and meet their individual needs. A new website was created with channels of content for these new markets, including an educational blog titled, “Keeping Tabs.”

Good Chemistry

The Accu-Tab system business has aligned with nationally recognized groups, such as NSF, CDC, NACCHO and respected trade publications, to commission third-party research, host webinars and co-author articles and white papers. Aggressive media relations programs helped garner major industry publicity for Accu-Tab.


Aided by SEO and a targeted Google Ad Words campaign, the new Accu-Tab system website saw a 250 percent increase in unique visitors and a 2 percent conversion rate following its launch. In editorial placements, Accu-Tab earned 295,052 total impressions and greater than $100,000 in total advertising value equivalency. Now that’s what we call a splash.

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