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Early Leads Evaluation

Increasing Specialist Engagement and Sales Opportunities

Accu-Tab® brand Chlorination System is a product of Axiall Water Treatment Products. Accu-Tab products offer a safe, simple and effective calcium hypochlorite-based tablet and feeder system for commercial and industrial water treatment applications, including commercial pools, food processing, potable water, wastewater, grain milling and irrigation applications.

In 2014 Accu-Tab business managers had several target goals to increase engagement with its specialist dealer network. They wanted to promote customer retention; address and execute more rapidly on existing opportunities; and increase sales of its systems, measured by gallons of water treated. To help this client with these goals, Pipitone Group introduced and implemented HubSpot marketing automation tools. HubSpot uses a wide range of algorithms that digs deep and delivers a host of real-time information on site visitors. This information includes number of visits, LinkedIn information, website tracking, page tracking, inquiries and the business sectors from which visitors come. Armed with this information, which is delivered daily, the business can react quickly and deploy its specialists to areas of opportunity as well as concern.

Throughout the program, Pipitone used site visitor behavior to evaluate the strength of each potential lead and predict where the lead was on the buy cycle. Domains from which prospects were visiting the site were used to identify key account activity. Also, Pipitone was able to revise the site all the way down to individual pages based on time spent on each page. If certain pages drew little interest, we explored why the Accu-Tab value proposition wasn't engaging enough to extend each view. That way the team could explore what may be lacking and optimize to increase effectiveness.

Asking the Right Questions

By reviewing form completions, downloads and questions asked, Pipitone developed a method of capturing key information. Additional forms were implemented to gather and classify deals by quote, questions, customer service and other fields. This enabled the information to be distributed among the appropriate internal team members.

Using progressive forms allowed for important information to be gathered in small quantities with each visit. That information enabled us to identify key personas for each industry, which in turn helped determine the type of content that is pushed out to them depending on where they are in the buy cycle.

Lead Scoring

The establishment of a lead scoring system enabled the Accu-Tab team to evaluate the strength of leads coming into the website before they were distributed to the specialist network. Using this combination of prioritized sales contacts and personas, the Accu-Tab specialists could deliver the appropriate educational content matched to the prospects' needs based on their website activity. Finally, specific personas helped us and the Axiall marketing team better prepare and execute advertising and nurturing campaigns geared to their particular pain points and triggers.

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