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Making Meaningful Connections
Create inspiring campaigns. Reach the right audience.


We understand that each senior is unique. Pipitone will create audience segmentations and life stages. We will utilize research and we will craft strong emotional and rational messages that connect with your desired audiences.


Audiences We’ve Connected With

Seniors are your primary target audience but their decisions also are influenced by others, including family and friends.

Family & Friends need to know their loved one will be safe and be confident in the care that will be provided to them.

Job Candidates want to understand what makes your senior care service unique, how you will keep them safe and healthy and how working for you is rewarding.

Donors need to hear your story because they will invest in trustworthy organizations whose mission touches their heart.

Create Meaningful Audience Engagement

The senior care industry often deals with long purchase cycles, therefore, we create engaging content and continue the conversation throughout the sales process.

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