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Vitro Architectural Glass
Brand Transition Campaign

In October 2016, Mexico’s leading flat glass company, Vitro, acquired longtime Pipitone Group (Pipitone) client, PPG Glass—the most commonly specified brand of commercial glass in the North American market. This historic agreement created Vitro Architectural Glass—the largest manufacturer of flat glass in the Western Hemisphere.

While Vitro has been a leader in the Mexican glass market for decades, the company didn’t have a significant presence in the American and Canadian glass markets and its brand recognition was extremely limited among PPG Glass’ key audiences—architects, interior designers and glazing contractors.

Therefore, the newly formed Vitro Architectural Glass division needed to raise brand awareness and reinforce its brand position in the market. To that end, Vitro turned to PPG Glass’ agency-of-record, Pipitone, to craft a marketing plan and awareness campaign that would associate the new Vitro Architectural Glass brand with the long-standing, favored PPG Glass brand and its flagship product—Solarban® solar control low-e glass. This massive, integrated brand transition spanned print and digital advertising, social media, email marketing, web assets, PDF documents, event marketing and more.

Transitional Tagline

To begin the effort, Pipitone created the tagline, “Formulated for the Future of Glass” to reinforce the brand’s continued commitment to R&D while subtly referencing the glass coating formulas that have been crucial to the brand’s success over the past 50 years.

“Stacked” with Choices

Pipitone conceptualized an ad campaign to highlight PPG Glass’ historic and much loved Solarban® family of solar control low-e glasses. The “Find Your Comfort Zone” utilized imagery of glass samples stacked into a glass façade to illustrate the product line’s versatility.

Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Awards 2017

Reinforcing the Message

Pipitone’s integrated team ensured that all campaign messaging and document updates included a “formerly PPG Glass” descriptor after initial mentions of the new brand and consistently reinforced the “Same People, Same Products” message, the brand’s signature product lines and the transitional brand tagline and logo.

Worth a Thousand Words

All campaign elements included impressive project photography that placed the glass in the limelight in order to reinforce the history and strength of the PPG Glass brand as it transitioned to Vitro Glass.


In just four months, more than 1,500 total web pages, PDF documents, brochures and data sheets were rebranded. Six months after the transition campaign was initiated, a third-party study revealed a 17-percentage point rise in brand awareness for Vitro Architectural Glass.

Meanwhile, Vitro Architectural Glass added 4,238 contacts to its database during the first six months of the transition—due in large part to Vitro’s significant sponsorship of and presence at industry events and panels held across the country.

The “Stacked” campaign also was honored in the User Engagement category at the 2017 Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Awards.

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