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Tracking and Scoring User Interest

Drive Demand

Trivex® Lens Specialist Blog

If you want your customers to recognize your company as an expert in your field, a blog can be a very effective thought leadership tool. But how do you know if the investment in your blog is seeing returns?

Focused on the European market, the Trivex® Lens Specialist Program, from PPG Optical, is an online learning community for eye-care professionals (ECPs). The site provides industry insights and marketing support tools designed to highlight the benefits of Trivex lenses for patients. However, without any means to nurture leads, the company blog did not effectively get this great information in front of the target audience or track the effectiveness of its messaging.

Many of the ECPs targeted are busy business owners, responsible not only for the care of their patients but also for sales. To generate greater awareness among existing customers and increase PPG Optical’s reach, Pipitone Group developed an automated marketing strategy to increase blog reach and keep the company's goals in sight.

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Originally hosted on WordPress, the Trivex Lens Specialist blog offered limited means of tracking regular users. Pipitone migrated the blog to the HubSpot blog platform, which includes integrated tools, such as CTAs (calls to action), contact lists and automated email outreach to increase the number and engagement of subscribers.

Interesting Data

Using the HubSpot analytic tools, Pipitone developed a method of determining the impact of our marketing efforts. By asking a series of survey questions, Pipitone was able to scale user interest in Trivex lenses, assigning each user's responses with a set point value. The point value indicated each user’s level of interest—the higher the interest level, the further along they were in the buying process, or the more sales-ready they were considered to be.

Leading the Way

To track specialist engagement over time and determine if marketing outreach was having a positive impact, Pipitone used gated content and online poll questions to continue to scale users' level of interest in Trivex lenses.

Providing gated content—valuable resources that users can access in exchange for their information—was a great way to attract and engage users as we nurtured and converted them to leads. Specialists received access to videos and other valuable content, and PPG Optical captured new leads. It was a win-win!

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