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Invigorating an Industry with New Technology

Raise Awareness

Identity, Branding and Product Launch

Somerset Coal International had developed a revolutionary technology in an industry that spans centuries. The start-up and its expert management team cracked the code on breakthrough proprietary technology that would enable coal companies to create a new revenue stream by capturing finer coal than ever thought possible. This solution had eluded the industry for decades and as a result, fine coal was discarded. Although, Somerset Coal cracked the code on how to recover this fine coal and turn it into profit, the challenge was getting the attention of skeptical decision makers. Somerset Coal approached Pipitone Group to build the tools to do just that.

A Content Mine

Somerset Coal’s website needed to quickly define the technology, explain the company’s unique revenue model and establish the credibility of the management team. Through video, imagery and short but impactful content, the site accomplished all three goals.

Show Me the Money

To convince mine owners and operators of the economic benefits, Somerset Coal worked with Pipitone to develop an online calculator that could quickly illustrate the revenue that could be generated by using their technology. This simple cost calculator allows users to enter data specific to their mining operation to get a real-time estimate on how much new revenue they could generate using Somerset Coal’s technology.

Reaching Decision Makers

The coal industry’s trade publications are an important way to meet key decision makers. We developed two-page spread and full-page print ads to introduce the new technology to this key audience.


Back to the Mines

The management team at Somerset Coal knew that it was critical to meet with these decision makers face to face. Relationships and trust are paramount in this industry, therefore, Pipitone developed traditional sales materials for company leaders to hand off on-site at coal mines across the country.

Breaking Through

Beyond paid efforts, Pipitone worked closely with Somerset Coal’s management team and the editors at Coal Age Magazine on an industry exclusive. The article coincided with one of the industry’s largest trade shows, Coal Prep 2015.

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