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Reflecting on 50 years

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PPG Solarban® Glass
50th Anniversary Campaign

PPG Architectural Glass has been a leader in the commercial building industry for more than half a century. Recently, its Solarban® family of glasses—one of the world’s first “environmental” solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) coated glasses—celebrated its 50th anniversary.

PPG wanted to leverage the milestone to reinforce its market leadership position, generate excitement, reawaken positive associations about the brand, acquaint audiences with new Solarban glass formulations and meet ongoing marketing objectives like improving SEO, generating website traffic and encouraging sample orders.

Fortunately, promoting a 50-year-old brand’s anniversary means you’ve got 50 years of proven success on your palette.

Pipitone Group worked with PPG to develop a fully integrated marketing communications plan that utilized a rich cache of photographic resources to underscore PPG’s legacy of leadership and innovation. For a visually minded audience that deeply respects innovative architecture, these project photographs were the perfect medium through which to remind people how influential Solarban® glass truly was in the rise of sustainable, energy-efficient buildings throughout the 20th century.

The Foundation

Pipitone started by brainstorming taglines and designing logos for the campaign, ultimately arriving at “Timeless Inspiration Since 1964.”

A Digital Museum

Pipitone built a responsive microsite to serve as a clearinghouse for half a century of resources, including project photography, product imagery and even vintage ads and catalogs, each underscoring Solarban® ’glass’ legacy of innovation.

Solarban®, Then & Now

Pipitone designed a series of print advertisements juxtaposing old projects and new, positioning Solarban® glass as timeless in both form and function.

Timeless Inspiration, Modern Exploration

Pipitone created digital banner ads and distributed email blasts driving visitors to a branded, interactive microsite.

Two Kinds of “Glasses”

Pipitone also mailed branded, high-tech sunglasses to trade publication editors, drawing a connection between Solarban® glass and solar protection to raise awareness of the brand and its anniversary.


By showcasing the past, present and future of Solarban® glass across a multitude of media, Pipitone helped PPG acquire over 450,000 print media impressions, nearly 300,000 digital impressions and the equivalent of $27,000 in advertising value from media relations efforts. Over 2,000 unique visitors hit the microsite to learn more about the rich history of Solarban® glass, explore its current formulations and order product samples. That’s what we call an anniversary gift.

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