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PPG Customer Relationship Marketing

As a specified product, commercial glass has a complex and long sales cycle — there could be months, even years, between product awareness, specification and installation. But once an architect gains confidence in a certain brand of glass, they’re more likely to specify it again for future projects. PPG wanted to remain top of mind for their architect audience. As part of its integrated plan, Pipitone Group worked with PPG to develop direct communications that would nurture architects by delivering valuable content to them on a regular basis.

Building a Base

Pipitone worked with PPG to develop databases of qualified architects, fabricators and glaziers, as well as lead generation promotions that would ensure those lists would continue to grow.

The Architect’s Journey

It’s a long road from specification to sale. Pipitone’s experience in the commercial building products market helped us develop a pipeline of content that’s truly valuable to architects as they navigate that road, from interactive specification and product comparison tools to original multimedia content to a project gallery that showcases PPG glass products.

Consistent Delivery

The PPG “Glass Insider” email program acts as the distribution mechanism, pushing out content that truly matters to architects twice a month. Recently, emails to architects have generated 26% open rate and a 9% click-through rate.

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