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A Multidimensional Approach

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Developing a new company website can be like opening up Pandora’s box. The many variables include what your website should say, how it will say it and whom it should say it to. But only when you take off the lid and look inside will you uncover how big that box—or project—really is.

ExOne is an international manufacturing technology company that provides industrial-grade 3D printing and engineering products and services. For their new website, they knew they wanted to communicate their product offerings—both their range of printer systems as well as parts on demand—and their collaborative approach to customer service. Serving multiple market segments around the globe, their site would also need to be translated to multiple languages.

Pipitone Group didn’t just build ExOne a new website but rather facilitated a comprehensive thought process. This process culminated with a site that communicated their core business offerings in ways that resonated with many different types of customers.

The Age of Discovery—It’s a Process

As step one in the project, Pipitone and ExOne participated in a collaborative web development process. Here the team held extensive discovery sessions with specific groups within ExOne, including leadership, marketing and sales as well as some of their international clients. The intent was to understand not only the website goals, but more importantly, how to align these goals with their key business objectives and audiences’ needs.

Hierarchy of Needs

Their voices were heard, and the result was a comprehensive matrix that illustrated ExOne's needs and wants. Presented in a hierarchical format, the matrix organized content by priority (critical to useful), effect (high to low) and risk (high to low). This served as part of the road map for building a website that fit their needs and their budget.

The Road to Awareness is Paved in Resources

Strategic focus was given to the education of site visitors who may be unaware of the intricacies of 3D printing technology. An online resource center was developed for curious browsers interested in learning more about how ExOne can solve their problems.


Since strategic thought was put into how different types of customers would interact with the site, each customer segment can easily find information relevant to them. Microsites were built around various product groups—Systems, Services or Industries & Applications— found on the top navigation bar.


The responsively designed site was also multilingual to reach customers in markets all over the world, including a core market, Germany.

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