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Diocese of Pittsburgh
Our Campaign for the Church Alive!

Founded in 1843, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has a rich and storied history in Western Pennsylvania. But recently, the institution has come to face urgent and extraordinary financial needs. Its parishes, education programs and community outreach initiatives all needed support—and fast.

In late 2012, the Diocese turned to Vance Wright Adams, which soon merged with Pipitone Group, to create an unprecedented campaign that would demonstrate the positive impact of such support.

The initial goal of the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Our Campaign for the Church Alive! was to raise $125 million over a five-year span. Victory requires diligent planning, messaging and execution—and tackling the challenge of integrating these efforts across 200 local parishes. Pipitone and its partners at the Diocese are up to the task.

Good Books

An integrated literature system, which included a communication tool kit, was developed and delivered to 200 parishes.

A Unified Message

We designed brochures making the case for support, featuring the tagline, "One Church Alive in Six Counties."

Promoting Progress

Annual reports continue to update parishes and their communities on the progress of the campaign and inspire further giving.

Stories of Stewardship

Naturally, a campaign of this magnitude tends to generate its own stories—we built a branded microsite and blog to serve as a portal for the campaign's success stories and other information.



These vehicles, combined with consistent and strong message delivery, are helping the Diocese stay on message to reach its audience—but most importantly, inspire action. The campaign has generated over $92 million in paid gifts and $230 million in pledges to date—a national Diocesan fundraising record. But the campaign could never have been as successful as it is so far without the institution’s rich history, the vibrant Pittsburgh community and great people inteGREATing their ideas.

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