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Women for a Healthy Environment

Women for a
Healthy Environment

Sniffing out health issues from chemical fragrances

What Your Nose
Doesn't Know

In spring 2012, Pipitone Group supported and sponsored Fragrance Free Day, a special event organized by Pittsburgh-area nonprofit Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) to call attention to something that's right under our noses all the time—but often not recognized for the health problems it presents. Fragrance Free Day was designed to raise awareness about the ubiquity of chemical fragrances in the products we use every day, most of which are not listed on ingredient labels because they fall under the category of trade secrets.

The day's activities consisted of a Pittsburgh City Council proclamation, an online webinar for human resources professionals regarding policies on fragrances in the workplace, and an awareness and educational event for consumers at lunchtime in Pittsburgh's Market Square. Participants were encouraged to sign a “Don't Spray for a Day” pledge to show their commitment to cutting back on synthetically fragrance-laden products and switching instead to products with natural essential oils or no fragrances at all.

Pipitone Group's sponsorship came in the form of creative and account services to brand the look and feel of the event and develop the promotional materials for it, which included the “What your nose doesn't know” tagline, informational posters and flyers, banner ads, and educational brochures with facts about the health risks of fragrances and “safer” alternatives. Brochures featured Fragrance Free Day clothespins clipped to unknowing “noses,” which created a buzz among those who stopped by the WHE tent during the event, engaging many to wear the clothespins on their lapels for the day. Banner ads on the WHE website and local news station sites and calls to action in the brochures drove interested consumers to a special landing page that was created to further educate families on the health risks associated with chemical fragrances and encourage then to become advocates of change for both their health and the environment.

Results of the event included:
  • Distribution of 600 pieces of literature and fragrance-free products
  • A Fragrance-Free Workplace Policies workshop drew 40 participants and representatives from 19 different local firms
  • 1,212 unique visitors to the WHE website
  • 455 unique visitors to the Fragrance Free page
The success of the initial event has led to other event opportunities for WHE, including a recent presence at the University of Pittsburgh's William Pitt Union assembly hall, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics expressed interest in duplicating Fragrance-Free day across the country.
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