UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute

UPMC Heart and
Vascular Institute

Positioning a new entity with an annual report

Pretty in Print

When UPMC integrated its departments of Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Cardiology to form the Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI), it brought together cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiologists and researchers to create one of the largest single entities of its kind in the country. To mark the starting point of a newly combined their collective accomplishments and chart a course for the future, the HVI called upon the Pipitone Group to prepare its first annual report.

PG was tasked with not only defining each of the individual programs which together make up the HVI, but presenting the personality and comprehensiveness of the newly formed institute as a whole.

The project began with face-to-face interviews of more than 30 different physicians, from which the narrative for the 15 different sections of the report was written. Using data by which each of the programs could be measured, PG designed infographics and interspersed them throughout the 48-page, full-color report, showcasing the HVI, its premier programs and some of its physicians. Included was a special At-A-Glance two-page spread that provided an infographic snapshot of the entire HVI.