The Heart Institute at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

The Heart Institute

at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Instituting a Change

After more than 50 years of providing world-class heart care for the children of Western Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC gave its heart program a formal name change by adopting the Heart Institute moniker. Children's wanted a marketing plan that would explain the rationale for their new name and create a healthy buzz to add some excitement to the change. Read More...

To define the four pillars of excellence that make Children’s deserving of its status as an institute, Pipitone Group executed a phased-in approach which included:

Distinctive Type Treatment and Tagline

Children's wanted a distinctive type treatment that would set the Heart Institute apart yet still be consistent with its corporate identity standards. Pipitone Group designed a type treatment that incorporated a whimsical heart symbol to add a special touch to the type. Children's also wanted a tag line that would convey the progress that is being made in heart care and their hope for improving the lives of all their patients, without providing false hope to patients whose heart conditions would not improve. PG provided the tagline “Inspiring hope in every heartbeat” to convey that message.

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Viral Video

Because the switch to the Heart Institute was a change in name only and not in operations, Children’s wanted to create some excitement about the name change and define the attributes of the program which justified its change to Heart Institute. To generate excitement, Pipitone Group created an animated video that defined the four pillars of excellence that make Children’s heart program deserving of its status as an “institute.” Using all original photography, key attribute slides, dynamic music and a dramatic heartbeat, the animated video was sent as an e-blast throughout the hospital and to a large regional email list of pediatricians and primary care physicians. Opportunities to share the video through social media took the video viral throughout the network. PG also converted the video to numerous other formats so that it would play on smartphones, iPads, and other devices. The video also created quite a buzz during its big-screen debut in February when it played on the TV in the hospital’s atrium during a screening for employees, parents and visitors as a part of the hospital’s observance of Heart Month.

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Website Makeover

Children's already had a robust microsite in place for the heart program, so PG was able to do a complete refresh of all the copy on the site to parallel the four pillars narrative that made up the e-blast video. A revised color pallet and new photography and graphics served to revitalize the site, with the video serving as a key component of the main Heart Institute landing page.

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Capabilities Brochure

To further explain the four pillars that make up an “institute” and define the depth and breadth of their heart programs, PG designed a visually exciting capabilities brochure that was mailed to physicians in Children's regional and wider catchment area. The brochure not only included narrative to illustrate each of the specialty areas within the Heart Institute, but also featured many of the physicians, nurses, and therapists that make Children's such a special place—and without whom, the Heart Institute could not function.

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