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Strength & Courage

Strength & Courage

We amplified a voice for a small nonprofit

A Personal Commitment

Pipitone Group was introduced to Strength & Courage in a very personal way. Sitting in a radiation waiting room, Scott Pipitone's late wife, Stella, who courageously battled breast cancer, was introduced to Sharon Cowden, a breast cancer survivor. During this chance encounter, the two discussed Sharon's idea of creating an exercise DVD for breast cancer survivors.

Stella facilitated a meeting between the agency and Strength & Courage's founders Sharon Cowden and Janette Poppenberg. Since that meeting we have been helping Strength & Courage build its brand, awareness and an online community to spread the personal word. Read More...

Strength & Courage, a non-profit, provides exercise resources to breast cancer survivors so they can regain physical and emotional strength after treatment. While Cowden and Poppenberg had a vision, they needed help marketing their product and getting the attention not only of breast cancer survivors, but just as importantly they needed to reach the influencers of breast cancer patients. Through our channel marketing expertise, we were able to develop marketing programs aimed at oncologists and nurse practitioners. These influencers distributed large amounts of the DVDs to patients that were recovering from treatment or surgery.

To reach these groups, we:

Bringing a vision to life

In order to be cost effective and deliver medical professionals as well as breast cancer survivors information about Strength & Courage: Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors DVD, Strength and Courage needed to create an online presence. Pipitone Group developed the identity and brought it to life on its website. The site promoted the exercise DVD and explained the importance of exercise after breast cancer treatment. Not only enabling visitors to purchase the DVD, the website gave this non-profit credibility needed to talk with potential funders. To date, more than 15,000 DVDs have been distributed in all 50 states and in 10 countries.

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Train them and they
will come

Admittedly, Sharon Cowden and Janette Poppenberg were skeptics about how social media could help them. Pipitone Group worked with Strength & Courage to research, plan and execute a low- to no-cost social media campaign that included a Facebook page to help drive traffic to their website and ultimately sell more DVDs. PG helped to develop an editorial calendar with regularly scheduled posts to keep content fresh, engaging. After several months of guidance Cowden and Poppenberg took over the reins. The Strength & Courage Facebook community now has over 4,000 fans. “Like” them now.

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A small investment pays huge dividends

Targeted online ads utilizing keyword messaging sparked the “likes” and sales of the Strength and Courage DVD. Facebook and Google ads combined to battle for the hearts and intentions of breast cancer survivors and their supporters. In the first month, DVD sales increased 127% year over year, and Facebook grew 96% to further establish the Strength and Courage community.

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