Heinz Pickles Ketchup to the Competition

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Opening up Possibilities Through Print

PG also developed a brochure and a single-page sell sheet to support CS’s distributors by reinforcing in print the aesthetic and performance possibilities of Vista Air while directing readers to the microsite for additional information.

Heinz Pickle Product Launch Campaign

In the $750 million condiment industry, the pickle business had flattened.

With a less-prioritized product comes a smaller budget, one not suited for conventional advertising or a traditional product launch. With this in mind, Pipitone Group was tasked with promoting two new Heinz flavored pickle products (spicy garlic chips and sweet & spicy chips), the first of their kind in 50 years. To do so, PG launched a two-pronged approach, catering to both local and national markets in the weeks leading up to the Picklesburgh event on the Rachel Carson Bridge in Pittsburgh.

Appealing to Both Sides of the Grocery Aisle

PG played off 2016’s contentious election season by launching a campaign for each pickle flavor. Pipitone Group positioned the spicy garlic chips against the sweet & spicy chips and created a campaign for people to vote for their favorite flavor, leveraging event marketing, media relations and the launch of heinzpickles.com to supplement the product announcement.

Pro Bowl Promotion

Heinz is synonymous with pickles and Pittsburgh is synonymous with football, so on a local level, Pipitone Group  leveraged the celebrity of two Pittsburgh Steeler greats in Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward. Through a press conference at Heinz Field and promotion at each’s local restaurant, Ward represented the spicy garlic flavor, while Bettis supported the sweet & spicy pickle. The press conference — which included Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto — was two days before the Picklesburgh event, where people could attend for taste tests. Pipitone Group also created and designed the Heinz’s booth at the event.

Spicing Up the Campaign

On a national level, Pipitone Group used a broad-based media relations effort to generate awareness of the product announcement. In addition to creating a campaign for each pickle flavor, Pipitone Group created targeted outreach to food and lifestyle editors across the country, while also developing a custom media kit. The media kit was equipped with samples of each product, a pickle-shaped USB drive with information, recipe cards and a VIP pass to the Picklesburgh event.


133,388,048 media impressions were created through media relations outreach with 18 placements in print articles, 19 online articles and 28 TV/radio spots. Pipitone Group went on to be recognized for its work with both a Davey Award and the AMA Pittsburgh Grand Marketer of the Year Award, the competition’s most prestigious honor.

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